School Fundraising

We love to help out schools - We know that in many cases it is the PTA that need to organise fundraising events throughout the year, and they rely a lot on parent contributions of time and money.
Schools need a constant supply of new books, learning tools, sporting equipment, perhaps buildings, pay equipment. The list can go on and on.
We can work together to get the most $$ into your school
Obviously the key to any event where the patrons are required to attend, is good advertising.  Radio, Newspaper, Road signage, Flyers etc...And on a par with that, you need to offer entertainment or activities to help get these patrons to come through the gate.  That's where we come in.
We know what makes the most $$ per hour.  We know what kids love and if you can get the adults involved too we have something for them too.  Most of our equipment is suitable for kids and adults

We Pay You! or You Pay Us! you decide

We come to you and set up your choice of amusements, We stay and supervise, we collect the $$$ Then we pay you a percentage at the end of the event or if you like you can pay us for the hire and then everything you make is yours!!

Contact us today today to discuss something for your school event!

Tell everybody about what rides are coming to your event!

We have been attending school fetes and gala's for many years now and we have come up with a couple of combinations that really work well. 
Depends on the size of your school and how many people you expect to support the school and the out of area patrons expected, space comes into it a bit and the power situation.  But dont worry to much we can have our equipment and power situations under control, that is what we do.
So give us a call or send me an email, let me know a bit about what you want to achieve, Dates, times place etc and we have it under control in next to know time at all.

Giant Balls

Body Zorbs - Giant Balls
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