Bungee Run - Bungee Slam Dunk



New Plymouth Special 29th May - 1st June

Bungee Run is a very exciting Game for ages over 6 years. You can run, bounce, drive till you get the marker to the furthest disance.

This challengers the young and old to strive for victory. 

Space required for this amusement is 11metres in length and 4.5metres width & 2.8 height

This is self operated amusement hired @ $330 for the day for private hire

If you would like a games operator, we can supply this service for $30 per hour.

2 people at a time - approx 50 per hour

Require easy access -

Power requirements- 1 x 10amp power socket within 25 metres from amusement ride set up, needs to be on own circuit.

Ask us about Bungee Run - Bungee Slam Dunk:
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