Much of our equipment can be self operated for the backyard birthday party - But if you were wanting somebody to come along to supervise or help with activities we can do that to :-)

Under 5 year Birthday Parties

Due to popular demand we are now catering for the under 5 year range.  We have small inflatable bouncy devices and giant toys to keep these very special little people busy, to help mum or dad out at functions or kiddy birthday parties.  The inflatable's arent suitable for large amount of childen at one time, but we find a combination of toys and inflatable's help spread the load.  The other advantage of these items is they are able to be collected by you and put up without to much trouble or expertise.  light weight, although the toys are a bit bulky so a good size vehicle is recommended.  We can deliver to you, just give us your address and we can work out the travel charge.

Birthday Party Ideas!

Body Zorb Party
Our Body zorb party is pretty cool! Comes with an operator. you need to provide kids with loads of energy, help from a family member, large level grassy area - perhaps a little bit of power so we can inflate on site. Suitable for up 12 kids
Sumo Wrestling Party 
We have different sized sumo suits! So good for kids, teens and adults, great for a birthday party. Specially those with competitive nature. It can come with an operator or this activity can be hired without our staff, but will need to be supervised from a responsible adult.
Get a competition going - appoint a team captain, they pick there teams and let the competition begin
Obstacle course with slide combo
This activity does require considerably more space, you can have loads of kids/adults go through though continually and we guarantee they will be tucked out by the end of it!
What you need is a min of 20 metres level ground (maybe a sports club grounds) access to a tap access to some power, loads of energy and a couple of volunteers

Adult Special Birthday and loads of Kids coming! HELP!

Text Coming soon!
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