We are a Family Run Business

We are a Kiwi Family (actually part ozzy toooo!) doing what we love doing.   So we know what kids like, Families like and Adults like (or big kids)

We have been in the biz for over 12 years now.  So must love it ha!  The only bit we don't particularily like is the packing up of the equipment. Its heavy. 

Professional and Safety-Conscious

Just because we are family run doesn't mean we slack off where safety is concerned.  As parents we are only to aware of certain aspects of safety, specially when people are having fun.  There are certain rules and regulations that we go by to keep everybody safe.  We are also worksafe nz compliant. We Keep our rides in top condition and regular safety checks are carried out on each device everytime they go up and down. 

Every physical Activity has an element of danger or risk of injury involved.  But we go all out to make sure this does not occur.

We always want to arrive to our events on time.  We like to get there nice and early so we have time after set up for any event briefing. Likewise on pack up, we do this as quickly as possible.  We also leave our area free of rubbish and ground without damage.  Any grass divets out, have been returned etc. 

We love repeat business and rely on good feedback from our customers to grow our business. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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